David's Story


David spent his childhood in the English countryside, and from a young age was inspired by art and design.  On holidays around Europe with his family he would always play with a camera and document each trip.

In 2009, after finishing a product design degree in Bournemouth, he ventured outside Europe for the first time; destination – Varanasi, India.  He spent 3 months travelling around the country, riding (and crashing) motorbikes capturing the essence of the trip with a small point-and-shoot camera – photographing people, places and the culture.  He then went on to South-East Asia to do the same, though unfortunately managed to lose many of the photos (A reason why he now religiously backs-up EVERYTHING).

On his return he felt inspired, he wanted a “real” camera; a DSLR.  He knew that design and engineering was not his destiny and had other life goals he wanted to achieve so he took a role working within a recruitment agency working with creative and advertising companies.  He bought a DSLR with his first paycheque.

Over the coming years he obsessed more and more about photography, taking his camera on trips around Europe, Asia, and North Africa, constantly wanting to improve his ability and document life in these distant lands.  In 2014, with some savings, his camera equipment and a small backpack he bought a plane ticket to Mexico with not much of plan.

David travelled from Mexico to Bolivia by land and sea over a 7 month period, his camera by his side at all times, exploring the mountains, the sea, volcanoes, jungles, culture, people and food.  This trip inspired him so much, he decided to make this passion and hobby a career; after all what better way to live life – being paid for what you love doing?

On returning to London in 2015 he enrolled in a 3 month intensive photography course with The London School of Photography, where he was able to experience, further develop and tune his skills in Portrait, Product, Food and Street Photography.  This confirmed his love for photographing people and travel.

Nearly three years on and David feels gratitude to be on this journey, and excited about what lies ahead.  He is constantly inspired by people, culture and travel, and loves nothing more than chasing light and following his dreams.