Portraits from Notting Hill Carnival 2017

One of the largest cultural calendar dates of the year in London; Notting Hill Carnival over the August bank holiday weekend.  Since I've been living in London, I've been every year; rich with culture, loud music, fun, creativity, and a lot of rum!  Whats not to love?!

I had the idea last year to try and put together a project to document the amazing costumes that are created for the event.  I teamed up with Flagz Mas Band and created this series of portraits and had the pleasure and honour of seeing the whole event from inside, from the procession.  An amazing weekend!

Portraits-WO Watermark-1.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-13.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-6.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-10.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-8.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-12.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-7.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-9.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-5.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-11.jpg
Portraits-WO Watermark-2.jpg